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We create digital experiences that help your business grow and boost visibility through enewsletter, blog posting and marketing
Business blogging and sending electronic email newsletters (enewsletters) is a marketing tactic that uses content writing to increase your businesses online visibility. Online visibility is part of what generates leads, grows your followings and boosts sales. A business blog is a marketing tool similar to social media, direct mail, and email marketing. Please give us a call at 403-402-1727 for more information on how we can make your blog a real page turner!
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We write blogs for business owners and entrepreneurs just like you! Blogs help to increase the visibility of your business in Google search pages. 

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Global iTech, a Calgary Web Design Agency, always focusing on your business growth. Blog marketing is a process that publicises or advertises a website, business, brand or service using the medium of blogs. Starting to write a blog is intimidating whan you dot know where to start, it's the ongoing marketing strategy that will take time out of a busy schedule, luckily we have the experts on hand to take one more thing off your to-do list. Before write a blog, we will help create a blog marketing plan about what are you going to share on your blog, how often and any other important notes such as news, tips, or resources. We are here to brainstorm the best blogging platform for your audience, and what we will do to set up your blog, including customization and branding that fits your business. We look forward to hearing from you soon.