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Calgary Web Developers

We, at  Global iTech Systems a premium web design  development agency in Calgary, are impassioned about professionalism, trust, transparency, reliability, and outstanding customer care. We have an outstanding team of web developers & designers to understand your business goals and apply them according to your business values.

Global iTech, a pioneer web development agency in Calgary, has a skilled team  of web developers, designers and web application programmers, are focused on:

  • affordable web development
  • custom application development and
  • eCommerce website solution

Our web developers are proficient, skilled and have completed numerous  web applications, website design,  and mobile application projects in Calgary & across the globe. We are  a one-stop marketing and website development company  that offers expert website design and development, and digital marketing services at a reasonable price.

Global iTech is accredited by our Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating, Calgary Chambers, BNI and CIBN. We collaborate with all sizes ranging from entrepreneurs and small-sized enterprises to the huge corporates along with government entities to meet their needs for web-based applications.

Our Developers Provide Following Services:

Website Development

In today’s world, your own web application and web development product plays a vital role in business development. Global iTech’s web developers will guide you through the development process to make sure that your website and web product stands out to your competitors. We design and develop every aspect of your site to suit your expectations and provide a the best user experience for your customers. The process of developing your website requires collaboration between our strategists, digital marketers, developers and designers. This will ensure that your visitors enjoys a seamless experience thanks to your site’s solid structural design.

e-Commerce Development

While providing a safe shopping experience is important however, we are also focused on providing an excellent user experience. We ensure that customers can discover and pick products with ease. We offer a secure online platform for customers to enter their personal information and ensure that the purchasing process is seamless. We offer the most flexible shopping carts you can expand over time. A few of the areas of development for e-commerce we discuss include inventory payments, pricing models, payment gateways and product variations, as well as dynamic tracking and shipping as well as third-party tracking. different sales taxes.

Content Management System

A reliable Content Management System (CMS) offers you the capability to manage, store and share various types of content via a single interface. The customized CMS platforms we create will take into consideration your business objectives and your specific website requirements for development.

Custom Web Development

We provide customized web development services, making sure that each and every project we tackle is personalized. We don’t use templates, and we create every new website completely from beginning to finish, a customized design work. From front-end elements that visitors interact with to back-end software which is comprised of complex code and complex code, we make sure that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing a user-friendly, customized website.

Responsive Website

Websites with no responsive designs are not able to adjust to various screen sizes. A responsive design however will automatically adjust the size of its content based on the device being used such as an iPhone, tablet or laptop or even a computer. That’s why responsive websites are more effective at converting visitors across all kinds of devices. Every project our web development team has worked on are fully mobile, which means that you can be assured that your site will perform flawlessly on any device.

Custom Integrations

Our web development team designs extremely customized solutions for many users, there’s times when using existing solutions is more sensible. We can integrate existing third-party applications that reduce costs, and are experienced with third-party integrations like Marketo, Salesforce, Infusionsoft and Zoho. Prior to beginning the process of integration, we take care to consider factors like usability, the stability and cost, as well as scalability and the flexibility. From a customer’s point from a client’s perspective, occur in the in the form of time and funds which could have been spent on creating a custom solution.

Web Application

Any program that depends on the internet browser to function is a web-based application. Examples of web-based applications that your site may require include guest sign-ins and message boards, spreadsheets, and word processors. Our web development team is well-versed in the development of B2B as well as B2C web applications that support real-time communications as well as videos, data analysis and the e-learning industry.

Mobile App Development

Web development is primarily looking at websites, making applications specifically for smartphones is an entirely different ball game. Research shows that a growing number of customers are relying on their mobile phones when looking for businesses. This is why we provide top standard mobile application development. We are focused on developing mobile applications that are targeted specifically to the needs of your business and the needs of its customers.

Website Design Developer for Calgary Location

What makes us different from every other web development agency?

Focused on outcome and conversion

We are  focused on outcome. Device responsive web technology and using latest technology is the brand name of our developers. We specilized in UX Ui design, SEO and digital marketing.

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