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Calgary Online Reputation
Calgary Online Reputation

Global iTech Systems Ltd is an Online reputation management (ORM) agency focused on brand recognition and promotion. We take control and analyze the online conversation and what people say about your company and brand. The purpose of online reputation management services is to create balance, make a marketing plan, prevent misleading trends, and watch competitors’ movements.

We focused on the target audience, brand visibility, customer needs and expectations,  competitor’s business analysis and marketing awareness.  We study and analyze your company’s market, needs and business trends.  We will study and provide reports about what your current and prospective client say about your product and services. Our goal is your online business and client view of you. We will do the following as well:

  • Fix if any reputation down and build the image of the company
  • Take out or get rid of negative stuff and advertise the position aspects of the company
  • Target the business areas, products and services
  • Product brand awareness

It is now more important than ever before to maintain a good reputation with current and potential customers. When searching for information and services online, people often look up a business’ reputation first. A brand or business can become successful over the long run or a short-term failure depending on how it manages its social media strategy. Online reputation plays a massive role in business promotion.