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Small Business Web Design

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Small Business Website Design

To begin, we understand the struggle that so many small businesses have when it comes to investing in digital marketing; for that reason, we like to educate our customers on how important it is nowadays to have a functional website, that subsequently will bring financial rewards.

SEO promotes sales
Small Business Web Design

Global iTech Systems is the best web design agency in the Calgary area for fast, reliable, and professional web products with a free consultation. Therefore, our sites are equipped with UX & UI technology, with quality SEO Optimization tools and techniques. On top of that, we build device-responsive websites and web applications for small and medium businesses in our city.

Whether you are looking for a custom website, a CMS, or eCommerce website customized sites, we are in Calgary to design, build, host & support your sites. We provide affordable website pricing plans and reliable SEO services. Get our website designers, and developers SEO experts to help with wireframing to web research with WordPress design, updating plugins, hosting sites, setting up SSL, and many more.

Integral Website for Small Businesses

Being a small business should not limit you to reaching high! Our goal is to provide an integrated package for you which includes a complete and professional website with secure web hosting and equipped with tools and codes that will make it powerful for your business.

We are known to be the best agency specializing in small business website design in Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, and other surrounding cities.

Responsive Website Design

Global iTech Systems builds device-responsive websites. Your website fits cell phones to tablets to laptop desktops automatically.

Small Business, Big Sales!

We offer professional e-commerce web design and marketplace website online business. At Global iTech Systems, our web designer, developer and SEO experts are ready to set up your eCommerce site to sell your products.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to small business websites in Calgary and areas. We have a strong team of SEO experts to audit your website. You can book with Global iTech for a “Free Strategy Consultation”. We are a professional and the largest SEO company in Calgary. We provide Free SEO Audits and free  Social Media consultation.
Global iTech provides unlimited keywords, traffic and leads in your website project.  Are you looking for a company that increases your SEO ranking?
We are Local & the Best SEO Services Company in Calgary providing Search Engine Optimization services to bring your website to Google Search Ranking Pages.

What You Should Know For Your Website

Device Responsive Website

Device Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a web development method that makes dynamic changes to a website’s appearance depending upon the size and orientation. Global iTech Systems Ltd uses RWD that can be used to address the issue of designing for a variety of devices, from small phones to large desktop monitors. Always focus on device responsive, mobile friendly website for your business.

Clear & User Friendly Navigation.

A great web design should include a user-friendly navigation system that makes it easy for visitors to find the information they need quickly. Important links should be simple and easy to locate. The navigation scheme should clearly indicate where to find calls to action. A search box can be useful if there are many pages on a website.

Website Speed & SEO

When visiting websites, people lose patience very quickly if website speed is slow. A website that takes too long to load will make it more likely that a visitor will abandon the site before it renders fully. If a website’s speed slows down its ability to deliver information quickly, it can render beautiful graphics and important content useless. Global iTech systems follows SEO producers and work for website speed.

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